Episode 1: The Life and Times of Theseus

Welcome to our very first episode, we are excited to have finally gotten to this point after a lot of planning and research. We really hope you enjoy the show and hope to see you in the comments.

We expect to upload new episodes every two to three weeks.


Episode Summary

Hello there, and welcome to the Plutarch’s Greeks and Romans podcast Episode 1:  The Life of Theseus. 

When Theseus arrives in Athens the city is in crisis.  Can this monster-slaying, serial womanizer take his rightful place and set Athens on the path to greatness? 

Episode 18: The Life of Lysander Plutarch's Greeks and Romans Podcast

Lysander's importance to history begins when he is appointed as admiral of the Spartan fleet in 407 BC.   At this point Athens's navy has experienced a resurgence with the return of Alcibiades.Lysander takes command of the Spartan fleet at Ephesus and resolves to do what it takes to make it a match for the Athenian navy. A tall order – is Lysander up for the challenge?Enjoy the episodeSupport the show
  1. Episode 18: The Life of Lysander
  2. Episode 17: The Life of Alcibiades Part 3
  3. Episode 16: The Lives of Alcibiades and Nicias – Part 2
  4. Episode 15: The Lives of Alcibiades and Nicias – Part 1
  5. Episode 14: The Life of Coriolanus – Part 2 – Season One Finale

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